3 Things Thursday

I know I know I’ve been sporadic but…just a few more weeks till school’s out & maybe then I can do better since right now it’s just wearing me out.  But here goes.

My friends…because they’re awesome

The people I work with…most of them are pretty cool & make the day go by much faster which it definitely needs to do this close to the end of the year.

My best buddy at work….because she is amazing no matter what’s going on & she deserves some recognition!

Have a good rest of the week & talk to you soon…promise!


3 Things Thursday

I have had good enough labs for the last 3 years so I don’t have to get my blood taken again for at least 6 months yays!!!

Got the special St. Patrick’s Day kittycat on my first try in SL

Avoided having a nice little wreck this morning so very thankful for that

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week & a good weekend!

3 Things Thursday

Friends at work -this week I wouldn’t have been able to make it thru without them

Got a replacement for my first baby I had on SL & love her to death

Had a friend of mine take some awesome pictures of me this week on SL which I’ll be sharing a few of those on Saturday!

Hope everyone has a blessed week & enjoy your weekend when it gets here!



3 Things Thursday

It’s been an interesting week this week so here we go tho this week it’s as much what made me smile & brightened my day as anything else.

Was talking to 1 of my best friends on SL the other day & we were…honestly I’m not sure we were even talking about but somehow we got to talking about my kid hugging on me & how I should boob him when I hugged him back cause it annoyed him.  So she said this: “[17:28] B: ha your son is just jealous that you can smack him around with them and he has no defense lol”.  Needless to say I just ended up rolling I laughed so damned hard.

Then last weekend I found a recipe for little miniature bloomin’ onions & showed my kid & was squeeing about how cute they were when he took it & ran with it & in his 15 yr old having gone down an octave in the last 9 months voice did an imitaion of my squeeing that made me laugh so hard my tummy hurt & his cat thought I was hurt or upset & had to come check on me while he just kept up at it till I begged him to stop.  Shame I didn’t get it on video but that’s what this is for…to help remember things like that.

And lastly I got told by someone that he had a serious case of like for me…which made me giggle & blush because right then I really needed to hear that so woohoo!

All in all it’s been a pretty good week so thank you everyone!


Another new thing here…Three Things Thursday

I stumbled onto this today looking for blog prompts & thought it’d be an awesome thing to try.  Here’s what’s posted about it at the site…which is in my sidebar on the right. – *three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*.  I mean how could not want to try this & I think it’ll be a wonderful way to keep me in a good headspace for everything.  So here goes.

This last week, I passed my modeling final in SL with the highest grade in the class woohoo…definitely something I’m very thankful for.

Secondly, this morning, instead of just making his normal squeak noise or coming over & kissing my face off or hugging me so I can’t breathe, my kid actually told me he loved me & did it first…at my work lounge with people around!  Definitely a rare moment for a 15 year old to do that.

Three, may not be something I’m thankful for but it made me laugh.  I logged in Tuesday night on WoW & had to laugh cause my blood elf…she looks like she’s smelt the worst fart in existence.  Definitely time to go change her face *laughs*

Thank you again everyone & hope you at least get a chuckle or smile out of these!