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Just a few pics for me

Trying to figure out what to do next in my head & wanted to post a few things here to maybe help jog something in my head.

Picture intensive so going to put in a break so you don’t have to load them up without warning!

Just so that no one thinks I’m that bad off…just all of those & thinking aloud in a manner of speaking.

Sad but true for most people I know lately.

So very true when I’m having to deal with feelings & stuff like I have been the last few days.

Something I’d never thought of but yeah…I’m pretty sure I do that…& lately have been disappointed more often than not given how many have come knocking.

How I’ve felt the last few days but I think I’m finally coming out of it.

Yep…on so many levels

And to end it on a little bit of a giggle…because yes I feel like I’ll be forever single but at least I can still find a little to chuckle about here & there.

Hugs to everyone!


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