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Hey there

It’s me again!  *laughs* I’ve been meaning to post here but seems every time I think of something I’m where I can’t right the idea down & I forget it before I’m able to put it down on here.  Tho I would like to ask an opinion from anyone who’s willing to help.  I know this blog has gone so many directions since the beginning since things have changed so much in my life since then, but I would like to be a bit more regular even if it’s just a weekly inspirational picture & a few comments…just to show I am still here & am still interested just kind of still trying to figure out a direction if any.  So if anyone has any opinions or anything ideas or such I’d love to hear them & even if not, still thank you all for being there thru so long & for the people I’ve met & comment with…all of you mean the world to me so thank you & don’t forget you have made a difference for at least one person!  Huggies to everyone!


6 thoughts on “Hey there

  1. Good afternoon, Gwennie! Life itself, takes so many turns, that I wouldn’t worry too much about if your blog goes here and there, left and right or in loops. That’s what life does to us – all the time. It’s how we deal with it that makes us strong or weak. My blog is all over the place, as well. Yes, I try to stick more often than not to my original reason for writing, but I’ve come to know that there is growth in our writings. If not for us, which it should be more than not, then for others to learn as well. Gwennie, it seems like you are quite young. You will get there, wherever it is you need to be. And the journey that you take through YOUR life is YOURS! Not anyone else’s. So if you happen to veer off course once in a while, then, so be it. Enjoy life. There is so much out there to learn and explore and remember…. it’s not always a straight line. 🙂


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