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Why? Another rant

Why do people have to shit on you & everything you believe in?  I know a lot of it is my fault for letting it bother me but sometimes things just get thru the chinks in my armor & make me feel like the most ignorant person on the planet.  When you’re reduced to sitting in the bathroom at work crying cause you’ve been smacked 3 times in 1 day & just cannot hold it together any longer because I’ve not felt like the scared no esteem teenager I was so long ago in quite awhile…well it just sucks shit.  And feeling like no 1 gives a shit just makes it worse.  Anyway…rant over & thanks for listening.


5 thoughts on “Why? Another rant

  1. most would tell you to put on your big girl pants. I say take them off, throw them in their face and tell them to firmly bite what used to be in those panties. Never let anyone put you down. You are a goddess and a rockstar and the motherfucking princess.
    rant assist done. Hugs

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that things sucked ass today. 😦 I agree with loneyheart…. tell them to put it in their juicebox and suck it! You have allies here, if not at work. I look at it like this…. when you lay your head on your pillow at night…. WHO matters? WHO??? Not the co-workers, not the person that made your Starbucks that morning (unless they really screwed it up, or did something extra special), but YOU!!! YOU MATTER! And those closest to you matter. As you’ve read my blog, Gwennie, you’re watching me change and do better in my life with things. 🙂 I’m no expert on anything, but I’ve got a bit of common sense and those that are not worth my time, cease to exist in my world. As far as I’m concerned, they no longer breathe. ❤ & Hugs to you! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! I used to not post things like that but honestly feel much better having gotten it out there & saying it…& am so happy for the continued support I get here! *grins* And I like the last part there…something I’m learning to do slowly but surely.

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  3. People just don’t give a crap sadly, until it hurts them, then the world has to stop because they think they’re crying tears of unicorn turds.


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