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Yays random!

Just sitting here listening to music…ranging from One Direction to AC/DC to Beethoven & now Tainted love *laughs*…& was thinking.  I really truly do believe in love, & that makes everything so much more confusing because even tho I really do believe in it, every time I think I might have found out I get gut punched.  I know everyone has those issues, but it’s still crap.  There should be a clearer, easier way to tell, if only to save so much pain & heartbreak.  I try telling myself that since I’ve gone thru so many tries that when I do find it it’ll be awesome & amazing even if I have to work my ass off to keep it, but lately…it has been so hard to hold on to at least a tiny bit of hope since I’ve lost most of it.  I’m so tired of the liars & cheaters & even worse the ones who love you for what you can give them & how they make you feel instead of what & who you really are, or the ones who don’t necessarily lie but hold back on things…big things…they know would make all the difference in the relationship…for the good or the bad.  I’m tired of fake people & shallow people & selfish people & people who act like their selfless but can’t think beyond themselves…I’m just so tired of so much of it.  As I told a friend the other day, I’m as low as I can get because for me, self harm (except my emotional eating) has never even been an issue or question because that is never been something I’ve wanted to do or felt like I had to do to make myself better, but right now…I’m not much above that I’ll admit.  Most of the time it’s like being in a dark, damp, misty forest where the mist is so think it’s like a blanket & all I want to do is hide there forever.  But I’ve been concentrating on my weight & eating so hoping that will pull me out some since my normal standby just isn’t going to happen…every time I try to write all I can do is stare at the blank page & hate whatever’s giving me such terrible writer’s block.

Anyway, just needed to vent & rant again so huggies to all & thanks for your support even if it’s just as a like or comment or visiting & reading & hope you have an awesome weekend!


3 thoughts on “Yays random!

  1. You’ll find the right one when the timing is right. It took me 30 THIRTY years to become comfortable with the man I have in my life. The timing wasn’t right for he and I until the last year or so. I’m so thankful that he’s stuck by my side as a friend for all that time. A bad marriage, my most recent bad breakup with a man I was with for 8 1/2 years (albeit, not all those years were bad). Through thick and thin, I was able to count on the one man that hurt me terribly as a teenager and now is my closest and dearest friend in the world. We laugh, we joke around, we play off and with each other. I know he’d protect me fiercely and never let any harm that comes to me go unpunished. He’s my confidant and the man I know I want to spend the rest of my life with. Most important, my children like him. Only one has met him, but they like the way I am with him. I’m happier, more relaxed and I am their “MOM” again. The time will come, sweetie. Maybe not now. Maybe not next week. But when it does, watch out! You’ll be in for a hella ride! ❤

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    • *smiles* I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so that makes it extra awesome for me to get a comment like this from you. Thank you so much for the encouragement & taking the time to comment…really does make the difference some days!

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      • Thank you, Ms. Gwennie. I appreciate you reading my blog. It’s been a roller-coaster ride for me and this is how I remind myself to stay grounded and not lose sight of what is important. My Sir and myself. He’s teaching me everyday to like myself more and that I am worthy of having him in my life. Some days I don’t think I am, but he reassures me that I am and my daughter tells me I’m crazy to think that way. 🙂 Have a VERY Happy Valentine’s Day!

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