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This week’s update

I’ve lost some weight this week but since at least part of it was water weight…I’m taking it with a grain of salt & being happy but not doing cartwheels about it.

Otherwise, most of this week has been the same old same old just waiting till school’s out so I can finally not be so fricking worn out all the time.  Did go to the movies with my kid today to see Furious 7 & even tho he grumbled about going as only a teenager can, he said it was good & wanted to see the next 1 when it came out too.  So yays me I did some good there.

Also, something that’s been kicking around a bit in my head for a while….just feels like the time to write it.  The ones who have been following me since the beginning know that my posting & even the length of my posts can vary greatly.  And lately, I’ve been struggling to do more than just a few sentences & I almost feel like I’m cheating everyone who follows because I can’t write more.  My logical mind knows that’s a load of horseshit but that little girl who loves nothing more than to please others does have a bit of a fit about it from time to time.  Tho even my deepest thoughts are still pretty straight forward.  I will admit it’s odd sometimes because I follow so many blogs that…the writers are amazing & offer such a great insight that it can often move you to tears.  I’m just not that kind of writer & once in a while it makes me doubt myself just a little.  Since there will never be any deep thoughts or florid prose here. *chuckles*  But I enjoy doing it too much to stop so I just do my best to give myself a pep talk & go on with things as best I can.  I’m not really looking for anything here just…was a rare glimpse into my head that’s actually more deep than most things I post are *laughs* & deeper than most things I think honestly.  So thank you all for listening & I hope your week ahead is the best that it can be!



2 thoughts on “This week’s update

  1. I feel this way at times also, but some advice I have gotten from others is that this is your blog and you can write whatever and how much you want to write. Just keep writing. I am enjoying your journey! 🙂

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