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This week’s update

I lost just a little bit this week but have also been doing alot of thinking.  I’m considering quitting Weight Watchers…at least for the summer, & just sticking solely with the stuff that goes with my Fitbit.  It’s harder to fib a little on it so maybe it’ll be the better choice.  And if anyone does use fitbit & would like to be friends, you can IM me on my flickr account & we can go from there. *smiles*

Have been on WoW more than Secondlife this week tho it’s still been a week of watching movies/TV & reading more than anything.  But my belf DK did make it thru 2 levels today so I’m a happy camper then since I wasn’t sure she was ever going to get anywhere.

Other than that, that’s about all that’s really gone on.  So hope the rest of your weekend is good & hope the week to come is too!

PS – & don’t forget me a random number 1-121 or 2 for my random topic on Wednesday! *grins*


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