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Weekly update

Gained another 0.4 lbs which honestly was awesome given everything this week.  Haven’t really done much this week on SL or WoW just mainly been either reading, watching TV or movies, watching wayyyyy too much YouTube lol, or been in my own head making sure I keep my head where it should be to keep losing weight.

Had a good Easter dinner…had to make my own brown sugar glaze for the first time & was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.  Also did some colored deviled eggs which was pretty cool & turned out alot better than I expected it to.  Hope that everyone else is enjoying their weekend & their holiday if it is 1 for them today & thank you as always for being here!  Am hoping this week will be a little bit better so hugs to you all!

Oh & don’t forget…my random number for Wednesday’s post…1-121 I think it was.


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