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3 Things Thursday

It’s been an interesting week this week so here we go tho this week it’s as much what made me smile & brightened my day as anything else.

Was talking to 1 of my best friends on SL the other day & we were…honestly I’m not sure we were even talking about but somehow we got to talking about my kid hugging on me & how I should boob him when I hugged him back cause it annoyed him.  So she said this: “[17:28] B: ha your son is just jealous that you can smack him around with them and he has no defense lol”.  Needless to say I just ended up rolling I laughed so damned hard.

Then last weekend I found a recipe for little miniature bloomin’ onions & showed my kid & was squeeing about how cute they were when he took it & ran with it & in his 15 yr old having gone down an octave in the last 9 months voice did an imitaion of my squeeing that made me laugh so hard my tummy hurt & his cat thought I was hurt or upset & had to come check on me while he just kept up at it till I begged him to stop.  Shame I didn’t get it on video but that’s what this is for…to help remember things like that.

And lastly I got told by someone that he had a serious case of like for me…which made me giggle & blush because right then I really needed to hear that so woohoo!

All in all it’s been a pretty good week so thank you everyone!


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