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This week’s update

I gained back 3lbs this week but considering my hands are so bloated they hurt…*laughs* can’t say I’m surprised.  And definitely not going to let it get too me too much considering.  It’s been a very cranky, unhappy, stressful week so am so glad it’s over with & we can see where this week takes me & hopefully it’s to lots of better places.

Not to say that all of last week was bad because it wasn’t.  Have been on WoW alot since the new patch came out on Tuesday & gave me alot of amusing things plus alot of help with the heirlooms tab…I am soooooo thankful for that. *laughs*  Now if I could just track down all my heirlooms….*laughs again*.  And I did my first race change & changed my 2nd nelf hunter to a draenei so that’s been interesting…but at least I’m finally playing her.

Also last night I had my whole night made.  I was on SL, talking to my friends, when I got told that someone enjoys being around me because I’m fun to be around & make him smile…& it came out of nowhere.  I didn’t know what to say at first but then it took all I had not to say awwwwww back.  And that was after he told me he was proud of how I’ve held up with modeling school & everything else over the last few weeks so it was double awwww.  And as I said to him…if I heard something like that every day or 2 I’d be a puddle *laughs* because that’s exactly the kinds of things I need to hear.  So needless to say, that made my entire day.

So all in all it’s been a good weekend after a rough week so hoping the trend keeps going! Hugs to everyone!

Oh…& almost forgot…if anyone wants to give me a number between 1 & 121 for this week’s random blog post feel free to!


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