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Baby Girls

This somehow got lost on my reader when it was first published so just now am seeing it but it is so true I had to share it.

foreverdreamingoflove 💋

i belong to daddy

Baby girls want to be loved.  They also want to be shown love in many ways.  They are strong women, but they also get their feelings hurt fairly easily.  They want you to understand that.  They love pleasing you and making you their world.  But if certain things don’t happen, they wonder if they are not doing something right.  They love and hate to love having you spank and discipline them.  Baby girls have special needs and some may even be a little or a lot kinky.  They love you being proud of things they have accomplished no matter how small.  They love your feedback, but make it constructive.  They need you to desire them just as they are, yet still like for you to help them grow.  They need to be showered with affection.  They want and desire to do what you say, so long as it is legal…

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