Picture of the week – week 4

Woohoo here’s the 4th picture of the week…jenesa with her stank face since I made such a big deal about it the other day. *laughs* Hope you enjoy your weekend!



Another new thing here…Three Things Thursday

I stumbled onto this today looking for blog prompts & thought it’d be an awesome thing to try.  Here’s what’s posted about it at the site…which is in my sidebar on the right. – *three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*.  I mean how could not want to try this & I think it’ll be a wonderful way to keep me in a good headspace for everything.  So here goes.

This last week, I passed my modeling final in SL with the highest grade in the class woohoo…definitely something I’m very thankful for.

Secondly, this morning, instead of just making his normal squeak noise or coming over & kissing my face off or hugging me so I can’t breathe, my kid actually told me he loved me & did it first…at my work lounge with people around!  Definitely a rare moment for a 15 year old to do that.

Three, may not be something I’m thankful for but it made me laugh.  I logged in Tuesday night on WoW & had to laugh cause my blood elf…she looks like she’s smelt the worst fart in existence.  Definitely time to go change her face *laughs*

Thank you again everyone & hope you at least get a chuckle or smile out of these!

Trying something new here

Once a week…every Wednesday, I’m gonna post a random topic post.  I have a list of 121 topics & I’m going to ask my readers to comment on my updates post with a number between 1 & 121 & the first number posted that I haven’t already done that topic is the 1 I’ll do *laughs* no matter how horrid it may be.  I hope you guys like the idea & it should be pretty fun I think.  Hugs to all of you!

And thanks to my best friend, we’re able to start today so if there aren’t enough numbers…she gets the random number picking honors. *laughs*

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?
Ok…the answer to that…is as soon as I felt the little brownie stabbing my bladder & realized that I just might be pregnant.  I don’t ever remember feeling more adult than I did at that moment because it was for 1 thing…supposedly this side of impossible for me to ever get pregnant even with medical help & another…it was at 1 of the worst times possible.  I’d just found out for sure that my husband was cheating…again…& a baby was the last thing our marriage needed.  So when I felt that feeling low in my tummy & realized that very well might be what it was…I felt like the adult I’d been for years even tho that was the first time it really sunk in.  Thankfully everything worked out & my brat is sitting on the futon playing WoW as we speak so that’s 1 happy ending I’ve had at least. *smiles*


Update for the week!

Better late than never.  I somehow lost 2lbs last week so yays…not sure how I did it but ain’t gonna complain either. *chuckles*  Also finished my modeling classes in SL & passed so yays on that too!  And on WoW I race changed my 1st character & now have a purty little Dranaei hunter who has finally made it into Draenor so really happy about that.  Other than that just been thinking & reexamining what I need in my life & dealing with being snowed/iced in for days so over all it’s been a pretty decent week.  Thanks everyone for being here & hugs as always!


Picture of the week 3

Yes it’s a day late but that big ole winter storm took it’s toll yesterday so here I am as soon as I can be. *grins*  And to make up for it I’m posting 2 pictures.  The 1st is just a funny 1 I took at the club I hang out alot at in SL & couldn’t pass it up.

Picture of the week 3

And the 2nd is my makeover from my modeling classes I’ve been taking.


Update will be here later today & hope everyone’s doing good!


Submissive….. Part two

I know this is kind of late but I’ve gotten so behind on reading my blogs & trying to catch up & this…is something I’ve actually been thinking about alot lately but you put it into words better than I’ve been able to so thank you & hope you don’t mind a very late reblog *grins & blushes*


This week’s update

Well this week has gone better than I expected once I get done with the modeling class stuff for SL.  I even ended up losing almost half a pound even after the Valentine’s Day party we had on Thursday so I was thrilled about that.

Managed to survive & actually do pretty good I thought at me SL modeling classes.  Then spent almost all of Valentine’s Day on SL with my friends & even got an awesome present on there…totally blew me away & made my whole day.  Also got a pretty serious makeover so that’s taking some getting used to but it’s good I think.

Guess I’m going to get going…we’re due for a big snowfall tonight it sounds like so gotta get some stuff together.  Hope everyone had a good week & weekend & hugs to all!


Pic of the Week 2

Here’s a picture I took the other day when somehow, after jumping out of the laundry basket they have to play in, 1 of my KittyCats ended up standing on 1 of the others…much to my amusement.  And yes *laughs* it is very easy to amuse me.


Pic of the Week 2


And also Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! *hugs* at least you’ve gotten hugged by someone today. *grins*


Weekly update time

I gained a little weight this week but it’s not a big deal as it’s not as much as I figured it’d be so woohoo.  Actually had a good week if you can ignore the fact that I was sick during it. *laughs*  Haven’t been on WoW much but have been on SL alot even if it was just standing around.  Am taking modeling classes in SL & thankfully passed the first final…hopefully next week will be as good!  I’m tired but that’s not surprising given how I feel so just gonna keep pushing thru it since right now that’s all I can do.  Hope everyone is doing well & hope you like my new things on here! Hugs!


So So cute!

I was looking at things online & ran across an ad & had to go check it out & found the cutest bouquets ever!  I sooooo want 1…it sucks being single *pouts* because for once *laughs* I want someone to buy me something. *chuckles*