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This week’s update

Have lost 2 lbs…not sure how but not gonna argue about it either s0 yays!  Have been doing ok on the diet…not great but ok…but other than that not much else to report.  I have gotten to the point where if I go 9 point or more over my daily target I write Bad Girl on my hand in sharpie lol which will amusing at work, seems to do it’s job.

I’ve not even been on WoW except to clear out my mail so nothing done on there either.  Been on SecondLife alot…when I wasn’t at work…& things are going all right there.  Kind of in a nowhere zone relationship-wise right now but other than that it’s going pretty good.  Me & my kid have been sick but meh it’s that time of the year so we’ll be ok.  Thank you all of you for reading & I’ll be here next week again if not sooner!


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