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More thoughts *laughs*

I bet everyone’s about tired of these but for once this isn’t bad…I don’t think.  Was perving profiles in SL a few minutes ago & was reading the profile of a Gorean slave & some things she wrote in there made me think & I just kind of wanted to write them down here so I could have them to go back & look at them when I need to.  She said “When i cannot serve i feel empty and lost” & that’s a good way of putting it.  When I’m not being encouraged or guided…I do feel lost.  I need that as much as anything else that I really need in my life.  Knowing I’ve made someone else proud of me & happy with who I’ve become…that’s what I feel like I’m here for…to do what they’ve known I could do all along…be what they’ve always known I could be.  Being told that…makes me feel more complete than anything else I’ve ever had someone say to me.  I know it can be difficult at times…but it does mean the world to those of us who need those rules & structure & encouragement because of those littles inside us.  So thanks for listening everyone & huggies!


6 thoughts on “More thoughts *laughs*

  1. I used to live like this, I needed the encouragement, the praise, the continuous “good boy” comments, to keep doing what I’m doing.

    But I think I’ve changed my view of it, I don’t think it’s a healthy approach to life or change anymore. It’s not permanent, it’s temporary, as praise often is. The only person’s whose praise is worth a damn is my own.

    After all this life of mine, this body of mine, is mine and mine only and thus the only opinion whose truly matter, is my own.

    As long as I can go to bed with a smile thinking I did a good job with the day that is now behind me, I think is the only thing that truly matters and the cornerstone of permanent change.

    Now what I’m saying is not that you shouldn’t feel good to be praised by others, of course you will feel good about it, but it should not be the defining factor in your life. In my eyes at least, if that makes sense? 🙂


    • I’m not sure I can explain this here but I’m going to try. It’s not as much about the praise…which yes is always nice but it’s about…knowing I did something right…when you’re a little you need that encouragement or you feel like you’re not carrying thru with your part of the relationship…which is to learn & grow & become a better person than you were. And for me, that praise or encouragement lets me know I’ve done just that. Because I can’t always see how far I’ve come or how well I’ve done & need to be reminded of that at times so I don’t get discouraged. it’s just part of who & how I am I can do it on my own but everyone needs a support system, & when I’m in a relationship, that’s how it’s best expressed.


      • I can completely understand that, it somehow validates your existence, that you did it right, it was good in someone else’s eyes as well as yours. That the change is visible to the other as well. You just need to know you’ve done well – and that is how you know you’ve done well, fully.

        My comment mostly wasn’t based on relationships, but the whole big picture of life 🙂

        I think… for me personally… mental strength is based on being able to be your own support network if it’s needed. Everything else added to that? Great, it’s a bonus! Required though? Nah… 🙂

        That’s the place where I aim to be and strive to be at, inside of my head.

        I don’t know if I’m capable of putting my thoughts down correctly with this language, if I were using my native language I’d… well I’d probably have an even harder time since it’s actually ten times harder than English, but still – I think you know what I mean!


      • No worries *smiles* I actually understood & understand what you mean & agree. You have to have that strength there or nothing that anyone else can say will do a bit of good. I need someone who can find that inner strength in me even when I can’t & help me bring it out. They don’t give it to me, but they help me learn to recognize it & use it even better than I could on my own because they can see from the outside & help with advice I might not ever think of on my own. But I do thank you so much for the comments & talk…it’s been very enjoyable. *smiles*


  2. I don’t know if I would call this encouragement but maybe that is not really why I am commenting anyway…I don’t know about the struggles of weight loss because I have been skinny my whole life, nor do I know much about WoW, but I follow your blog because of what is stated at the end of your description: “but more importantly about me”. I follow and read your blog because I want to know YOUR “journey through life”.


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