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Update for the week umm…lol

Well this was supposed to be the update for the week but I think it’s going to be more, so let me get the update part of things done before I get to rambling.  I gained .4 lbs this week but considering, it’s totally expected & not that big of a deal…it’ll come off soon enough.  And things are still going on SecondLife & WoW…no real changes there since last post.  So huggies to everyone & sorry about the upcoming grumbles.  lol


I have decided I need more positiveness in my life.  Right now there is still so much fear…fear of change, of failure, of succeeding, of never finding someone to love, of finding someone who loves me & losing them, of not losing weight, of losing weight which would lead to me being able to do more & take more chances which leads to so many more opportunities for rejection…so many more things that seem too petty to put after the ones I’ve already listed.  So to battle it…I need sunshine & light & caring & love & positive thoughts.  *chuckles* If only it were that easy to find them. *nods*


2 thoughts on “Update for the week umm…lol

  1. So you’re afraid of every single scenario that could unfold in front of you? Seems kind of silly. I was like that before too, but then I just… well… I’ll be blunt with this, I stopped giving a fuck. I just let things happen and I’ll react to them as they come, it’s the only thing I can do after all 🙂

    We as human beings can truly control only a very, very small portion of our lives. It’s better to just stop worrying so much and go with the flow while smiling and enjoying what life has to give 🙂

    My MS put that into real perspective for me, since I can wake up blind one morning, or paralyzed from the neck down etc… so why exactly would I worry about what ifs! Life’s too short for that!

    Keep your chin up and move forward, never look back!


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