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Update if a few days late lol

Have been dealing with rl & a cold so am a bit later than I planned but here goes.  I lost almost half a pound last week so I was happy.  I’ll just be glad if I don’t gain it back this week since we had a Thanksgiving lunch at work yesterday & then actual Thanksgiving tomorrow.  But I’ve tried to be more active to make up for it so we’ll see how it goes.

Only other thing I’ve really done this week is started leveling my priest on WoW.  And my hunter hit 100 day before yesterday too so I was able to expand my garrison to a level 3 yays!  So I now have 3 in Draenor, since I’d already started leveling my druid tho it’s slow going with her…I forgot how much I suck at melee. *laughs*

SecondLife has been mostly quiet tho that may change very very soon.  And real life…well…it’s the same pretty much except for the small weight loss.  So hope everyone who celebrates it has an amazing Thanksgiving & will see everyone this weekend with the next update!



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