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Update for the week

Well even with the new scale I lost 3.8 lbs so yays even tho I suspect it was water weight I still feel better no matter what it was.  It’s sad how such a small amount can make a pretty big difference but it does seem to.  I’ve had the cold from hell the last few days too which means a couple of days I didn’t even hit my full points for the day because I just was too blah to eat.  But I did manage to get in a bit more moving around before I got sick so yays there too.

Secondlife…i’ve barely been on it this week tho I was on for my rezday & even got a cute present from a friend…a unicorn because as he said “Happy Rez day x. Now you have an endless supply of unicorn farts.”  Then Arial got me a gift certificate to a store she shops at alot & has some dresses she thought I might like & golly gee she was right.  Also got quite a few rezday wishes at the club we always go to so all in all it was a good thing to get on then. Also got to spend some time this morning with 1 of my best buddies in SL so it’s turning out to be a pretty good day. *smiles*

And then in WoW the new expansion came out Thursday & I’ll have to say it’s frustrating profession wise & the fact that my lowest gear is an iLevel 544 yet the gear in the first area is 512 so *laughs* my kid was right I think & I might even be a 93 before I manage to get some new gear.  But the garrison is awesome if not difficult when you have the little single person scenario where I almost got wiped out last night.  It’d be more fun if I could play with my kid more but since there’s been issues with que times…I just log off so he has 1 less person to wait on in que.

Other than that…things are pretty much as they have been except for my cold so everyone have themselves a good weekend!


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