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Update for the week

Not much here but *laughs* oh well at least I’m doing something.  A friend of mine at work as I think I said last time is helping me with my weight…now if I don’t exercise I have to copy a page from a wikipedia we both use alot so yays that should be fun…NOT.  But maybe it’ll work & to start it’s only 5 minutes a day, 3 days a week so we’ll have to see how it goes.  I’m just hoping I can do it…as much as because she really is trying to help & I’d hate to be so much of a lazy ass I can’t even accept her help.

I did get my new scale but it’s either more accurate than the other or I’ve gained alot more weight than I was aware of because it was flat out depressing this week.  Another reason I’m so motivated to lose it again.  So I can just hope that it works this time.

Secondlife has been ok….been on a few times & talked to a few of my friends but nothing too interesting.  Tho my former Master has offered to give some advice as well for my weight loss so that will be a big help too since he knows me so well.

And WoW…we tried to do a raid last night to get us heirloom weapons but it didn’t work out so well so *laughs* that’s something to try later this week or next weekend before Warlords comes out a week from this Thursday.

Also, as always, thank you to everyone & I hope you’ve had a good week & continue to do so!


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