Update if a few days late lol

Have been dealing with rl & a cold so am a bit later than I planned but here goes.  I lost almost half a pound last week so I was happy.  I’ll just be glad if I don’t gain it back this week since we had a Thanksgiving lunch at work yesterday & then actual Thanksgiving tomorrow.  But I’ve tried to be more active to make up for it so we’ll see how it goes.

Only other thing I’ve really done this week is started leveling my priest on WoW.  And my hunter hit 100 day before yesterday too so I was able to expand my garrison to a level 3 yays!  So I now have 3 in Draenor, since I’d already started leveling my druid tho it’s slow going with her…I forgot how much I suck at melee. *laughs*

SecondLife has been mostly quiet tho that may change very very soon.  And real life…well…it’s the same pretty much except for the small weight loss.  So hope everyone who celebrates it has an amazing Thanksgiving & will see everyone this weekend with the next update!



Update for the week

Well even with the new scale I lost 3.8 lbs so yays even tho I suspect it was water weight I still feel better no matter what it was.  It’s sad how such a small amount can make a pretty big difference but it does seem to.  I’ve had the cold from hell the last few days too which means a couple of days I didn’t even hit my full points for the day because I just was too blah to eat.  But I did manage to get in a bit more moving around before I got sick so yays there too.

Secondlife…i’ve barely been on it this week tho I was on for my rezday & even got a cute present from a friend…a unicorn because as he said “Happy Rez day x. Now you have an endless supply of unicorn farts.”  Then Arial got me a gift certificate to a store she shops at alot & has some dresses she thought I might like & golly gee she was right.  Also got quite a few rezday wishes at the club we always go to so all in all it was a good thing to get on then. Also got to spend some time this morning with 1 of my best buddies in SL so it’s turning out to be a pretty good day. *smiles*

And then in WoW the new expansion came out Thursday & I’ll have to say it’s frustrating profession wise & the fact that my lowest gear is an iLevel 544 yet the gear in the first area is 512 so *laughs* my kid was right I think & I might even be a 93 before I manage to get some new gear.  But the garrison is awesome if not difficult when you have the little single person scenario where I almost got wiped out last night.  It’d be more fun if I could play with my kid more but since there’s been issues with que times…I just log off so he has 1 less person to wait on in que.

Other than that…things are pretty much as they have been except for my cold so everyone have themselves a good weekend!

This week’s update

This week has had alot of ups & downs that’s for sure.  As I said last week I got a new scale & was pleasantly surprised that my weight gain according to it…since I think it’s in better shape than the old 1 & more accurate…was less than I was expecting so that made me a very happy woman.  Been a struggle to eat right again but have only had to stand in the corner once this week so that’s an improvement.

Had a rough few days earlier this week because for some reason…out of nowhere…Duncan’s death hit me hard again.  So hard I ended up crying myself to sleep Friday night.  But maybe that’s what I needed because I’ve only had the urge to hold his urn & cry once since so maybe I just needed that for some reason.  I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months already as it is.  But thanks to good friends & caring people I’ve made it thru much better than I ever expected so huggies to everyone.

Secondlife has been almost nonexistent this week because I’ve been on WoW or watching TV.  I ran out of my stories to read so had to find something else to do.  And WoW has been good if frustrating this week…especially this weekend.  I have now accomplished my goals for this expansion.  I said before we even found out that Garrosh was going to be the final raid boss that I was gonna kill that fecker if I could & damn if I didn’t last night.  True, it would’ve been nice to get the heirloom weapon too but…I got the flipping cloak thanks to my kid & killed Garrosh just like I said I was going to & even just leveled another character to 90 about 5 minutes ago…a druid of all things…so for me I feel like things have kind of come around full circle.  my very first character was a Tauren druid & I failed so bad at her…& even tho this 1 was a night elf druid…I did it….I got her ass to 90 & it feels good.  *chuckles*

I even managed to write a little this week so that was good.  Now I just have to get this fight scene done with & I should be good to go. *chuckles*  Thanks everyone for listening & for the support & huggies to all of you once again!


Update for the week

Not much here but *laughs* oh well at least I’m doing something.  A friend of mine at work as I think I said last time is helping me with my weight…now if I don’t exercise I have to copy a page from a wikipedia we both use alot so yays that should be fun…NOT.  But maybe it’ll work & to start it’s only 5 minutes a day, 3 days a week so we’ll have to see how it goes.  I’m just hoping I can do it…as much as because she really is trying to help & I’d hate to be so much of a lazy ass I can’t even accept her help.

I did get my new scale but it’s either more accurate than the other or I’ve gained alot more weight than I was aware of because it was flat out depressing this week.  Another reason I’m so motivated to lose it again.  So I can just hope that it works this time.

Secondlife has been ok….been on a few times & talked to a few of my friends but nothing too interesting.  Tho my former Master has offered to give some advice as well for my weight loss so that will be a big help too since he knows me so well.

And WoW…we tried to do a raid last night to get us heirloom weapons but it didn’t work out so well so *laughs* that’s something to try later this week or next weekend before Warlords comes out a week from this Thursday.

Also, as always, thank you to everyone & I hope you’ve had a good week & continue to do so!