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Update for the week

Not much to say this week cause it’s been a nice boring week.  No weigh in as my scale decided it wanted to be dead so am waiting for another 1 from amazon.  Hoping it’ll get here in time for this next weigh in but not gonna hold my breath.  Tho I did get a friend from work/neighbor who said she’d help me out & make me stand in a corner if i ate too much at work so that’ll be a help too. (and yes I’m serious about that…I really do have to stand in a corner or with my forehead against a wall…yay being a babygirl cause that makes it so effective.)

Oh & I did do 1 massively awesome thing this week…with my kid’s help.  I love my kid. *laughs* He’s too much awesome.

Yays Legendary Cloak!

Yays Legendary Cloak!

Now all I have to do is defeat Garrosh & yays I’ll have done exactly what I wanted to this expansion.  I have until Nov 12 to do it so *laughs* let’s hope I can do it.

Also got to spend a little time on SL with some good friends today so that was a good thing.  *huggies* to you…you know who you are!

And even was able to write a little bit on my latest story so yays for that too!

So this week has had more in it than I’d thought originally. *laughs*  But it has been a rough 1 dietwise especially with not being able to weigh but I can just hope for the best.  Hope everyone else is doing well!


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