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Decision time

I have decided what to do about my instagram account & my dieting.  I will start preplanning my days, & I’ll only post pictures of what I eat that’s over what I’ve preplanned…so pretty much just my snacks or extras…or if I change something at the last minute.  Will also be doing weekly updates & I think I’ll post some kitty pictures as well just for fun & since *laughs* I seem to have so many of them. I’m also going to try & do at least a once weekly update on here of everything…weight loss, my little adventures & search for someone to share them with me, just life in general.  Might be good for me so we’ll see how it goes.   Thank you again for all the support & comments. *smiles* And here’s the address for anyone who wants to check things out.  http://instagram.com/gwynniegirl72

Ended up undoing it because it just wasn’t working but didn’t want to delete the whole post either.


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