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Some ideas I’ve had

Thanks everyone for the messages about my cat…it was very appreciated.

I’ve had some thoughts & I was going to ask for any opinions on both ideas I’ve had to help make the changes I’m wanting to make & trying to make right now.

first of…i’ve thought about posting every thing I eat onto my new instagram account…just to kind of keep a record of it & maybe get some encouragement or constructive criticism or new ideas from that.

Also…am thinking of implementing a set of rules/schedule for myself…to help me with my goals.  Only problem I’m having there is how do I hold myself accountable since there’s no 1 watching over me to do it?  So any suggestions on how I could do that & things to do if I don’t do something I’m supposed to would be greatly appreciated because I think it would be a tremendous help to me.  And don’t forget I’m a little/babygirl & those kinds of things really seem to make the biggest impact/do the most good for me I’ve found.

Thanks again for everything & hugs to everyone!


2 thoughts on “Some ideas I’ve had

  1. I know the diet thing is a pain in the ass. For a time i was doing so well, but i lived alone and getting up early to go to the gym was not so hard. Besides there was a cute guy at the gym. Eye candy helps. But now i am back in a relationship and am finding it hard myself to schedule time. Maybe you need to only allow yourself time on your fun accounts if you have put in your excercise time for the day. Good luck


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