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Yays a post for no reason!

Random blog topic – Does your “online” voice differ from your “offline”?

Yes…very much so…at least to people who aren’t really good friends with me.  My online voice is the me who I usually am once you get to know me…well after the first meeting.  I’m much more painfully shy in public than I am online.  Also online I’m more liable…at least in SL…to be in roleplay mode which is completely different than the real me.  Much more confident & knowledgeable & open for anything than the naive, shy normal me in real life is.   Online is where I first learned to let go & let myself give up control to someone else, & where I first realized that I was a little…finally able to put a name to the way I’ve been for pretty much as long as I can remember.  Even on WoW I’m braver than I am in real life so yeah….it may not so much differ just…the inside me that’s usually hidden comes out & can seem to some people as if it’s almost 2 different people.


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