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My Best Friend (repost)

My best friend

I posted this the other day on another blog but felt like I should repost it here.

The other day, was talking to someone & even not knowing us he called her my BFF & even if it does sound high schoolish at this age it’s appropriate even if only…according to her…we’re stuck together because no 1 else would ever want us if we ever stopped talking to each other.  Even her husband says that we share the same brain…she & i that is because he has no brain to share. *grins*  But he wanted to know more about her so i’m going to use this post to do it.

We met thru my sister when she was 12 & i was 17.  She went to school with my sister but since by then i’d already quit high school & gotten my GED i stayed at the house most of the time when i wasn’t off with my fiance.  Needless to say we all got along quite well & even got to the point where the 3 of us would write stories together…a combination of bad Mary Sue fiction & soap opera scripts all wrapped up together.  They were bad yes but they were totally enjoyable to do at the same time.  In fact we still do them to this day tho they are alot better than they were then…or at least i like to think they are. *laughs*

About the time my sister hit 16, she got involved with a super snooty group in school & barely talked to all of her old friends who weren’t part of that group.  The bad thing about that is over the years, i still talk to all of those friends.  2 of them i talk to every day & the other 2 have moved out of town but i still keep in good contact with them.  As it was, over the years i ended up being friends with a couple of Debbie’s sisters but ended up as better friends with her than i ever was with either of them.  So we just stayed that way.  She was living with her now husband by then but he worked nights so i would go over there in the late evening & keep her company until i went home about 2am.  That happened even after they had a baby & got married tho we did have a period where we didn’t talk to each other after things came up & i couldn’t be in here wedding like i’d said i would be.  And i agree it was bad timing because it was last minute but it just couldn’t be helped.  Thankfully she managed to overlook it eventually tho we did stop talking again a month or so before I got married because she hated my husband.  But i went ahead & invited her to the wedding & she decided to not make me suffer because i thought i was in love with a king sized jerk & other than that…i think we’ve had 1 other time where we stopped talking & it was only for a few weeks & over something stupid so it doesn’t even matter anymore…at least not to me.

Now…as she said…we are stuck with each other because we’d never in a million years find anyone who could understand us like we do each other…as sad as that is sometimes.  We got on SecondLife together & were there for almost 3 years, we played WoW together, we write stories together when we’re not both suffering from writer’s block…to be honest i don’t know what i’d do if we did stop talking.  We’ve known each other for 23 yrs last month & there’s not alot i can remember before i knew her i’ve known her so long.  We’ve been there for the most part for everything single thing that’s happened & i can’t imagine going thru something without at least knowing she’s there.  When you’re content to just sit there & listen to each other type & breathe…it’s not someone you want to shove out of your life.  So thank you to her for being there no matter how stupid she thought i was being or when i thought she was the idiot…it means more than i’ll ever be able to say to have you there even when we’re both eejits of the highest.

Originally posted on an older blog on 2012/11/11


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