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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 29

Day 29 – 29. Talk about your siblings.

Well since I only have 1 sister that will make things easy.  We’ve had our ups & downs over our lives…from me shoving her off the bed when she was 6 months old just because I could & stuffing her in my Barbie house when she was 3 because she wouldn’t leave it alone, to us practically living with 2 of our best friends up in my room the summer after our mom died…we’ve gone from 1 extreme to another over our lifetime.  And while we have both turned out to be very different people, we have also learned to be able to be friends as well which at 1 point I would’ve thought was an impossible thing.  Neither of us have always approved of what the other has done, but we don’t question it anymore.  And to me…that’s the biggest miracle that can happen.  I wish her all the luck in being a mom since she’s a new 1 & thank her for trying all the times she has before…even if I’m a grumpy cranky whiny bitch it was usually appreciated.


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