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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 27

Here to get this going again hopefully. *smiles*

Day 27 – 27. Things you like/don’t like about yourself.

I’ll do the likes first I guess. *laughs*

I am or always try to be loyal, friendly, goofy, trusting, polite, understanding, special, unique, open minded, have pretty eyes, nice hair, awesome boobs, nice long nails when I haven’t broken them off *laughs*, my very off & oftentimes sarcastic sense of humor, silly, childlike view of the world alot of the time, try to treat other people like I want to be treated, am very in touch with my sexual side…sometimes too much so I think *laughs*, plus I’m sure there’s more but I think that’s a good batch so far.

Now to the things I don’t like so much.  I can be impatient, stubborn, hard headed, crude, perverted, silly or flaky, immature, too trusting, love to procrastinate, feel like I’m too needy &/or clingy, have sex on the brain a little too much, scared of so many things, my emotional eating cause it’s making it so hard to lose weight, giggle &/or laugh probably too much & when I shouldn’t.

Sometimes I have to wonder if my fear isn’t so great….of everything & everyone…that it causes me physical issues enough to limit me from getting what I feel like I want or need.  I hate living with so much fear & while yes I have worked thru alot of it…when I’m tired &/or stressed it seems to show up again even worse than before.  It seems like every time I meet a man that has potential…something has to come along & mess it up.  Either I get moody & cranky…because of either underlying fear or stress from my life, or go hide in a hole because I’m frustrated & scared & upset.  I am so scared of disappointing people or being left that I think I sometimes subconsciously…or maybe even consciously once in a while…do things that make sure that happens just so I don’t have to deal with it later when I’m actually emotionally involved & invested in the relationship.  I think that is what I dislike about myself so much is the fear that leads to that happening…& when I explain it to someone it sounds like such a lousy excuse to me that most of the time I don’t bother as I can’t see how anyone would actually believe me even if it is lame & the truth.

Anyway *laughs & blushes* there’s some of the things I do & don’t like about myself so hope my rant wasn’t too confusing.  *smiles* Huggies to all of you & thanks again for reading!


One thought on “30 Day Blog Challenge Day 27

  1. We are definitely of the same genetics lol I don’t mind that much anymore though. It’s nice having someone similar in the world.


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