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TMI Tuesday

First 1 I’ve done in a while so enjoy…& my apologies if there’s alot of posts today *laughs*

tmi_fill in the blank May 13 2014 art











Fill in the blanks.

1. My favorite month is January because that means the holidays are over & my son’s birthday is that month as well.

2. Nothing beats a fresh breeze.

3. I love a good raid with my kid or friends.

4. Chocolate chip pancakes is what I like to have as a treat for breakfast but a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie or 2 is what I want for dessert.

5. The hobby I enjoy most writing when I’m able to do it.

6. Duncan & Nitty & Sammy , oh my!

7. I understand that there is nothing that will ever help me finding my way back to my sanity.

8. Private stuff inside.

Bonus: What is it? Explain how you would use it.

whatisit_May13I have no clue whatsoever what this is but it’d be cool to hang in the window & scare little kids with *laughs*




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