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I have a question for my readers about littles or babygirls

I have been reading alot & talking to people recently & the subject of littles & baby girls has come up.  And I’ve looked online but had very little luck finding anything so I was wondering if any of you out there might have some good places to go or advice or anything like that for me to learn more about it.  I appreciate it & thank you very much in advance!


8 thoughts on “I have a question for my readers about littles or babygirls

    • And yes by all means feel free to step in. *chuckles* I’d never claim to be smart enough so that I’d refuse advice from anyone when I asked for it. And will have to check those out the next time I log in on FetLife. *smiles* Thank you for the help!


  1. When I first started out, I did a lot of research!! I didn’t know what a little was. Till I found out that all the crazy personality traits and behaviors I am and have reflected that of a little. Lucky for me, my Daddy is a Daddy Dom. I remember He told me He wanted a submissive who had her eyes open and to come into His life with some sort of knowledge as to what would be to come. He expected me to do my research and to try to gain as much info as I could about this new lifestyle before He even gave me the option of asking Him to receive my submission. Daddy never forced my submission. I asked Him to be my Daddy. He knew I was submissive from the start. I was born and bred submissive. But I never knew it had a name. Some people would look down on me about the way I would just give my submission saying I was just being used. (Of course at the time I was) when Daddy found me, I was just looking for a girl and for use. He was looking for a submissive to spend part of His world with for Himself and my alpha. I wasn’t even into men at the time. But after trying to get to know me and having helped lead me into where I could get good info and such, He let me find my “area” of submission for myself. And so that day, I asked Him… “Sir, I think I’m a little girl type. I don’t know why quite yet, but everything and I mean everything I’ve read and searched about this kind of person (little girl) is a reflection of how I am naturally.” And that’s when Daddy told me about Daddy being a Daddy Dom. I remember refusing at first. Telling Him I didn’t want a Daddy (thinking of the incestual side of some of this particular “kink’s” view. Not saying it’s bad at all, you like what you like, I’m not into that is all I was saying) until He told me He wasn’t going to be my dad, He was going to be my Daddy Dom. So I had to research again. This time looking deeper into why Daddy wanted me to know all of this beforehand. I’m really glad He did, I found this group of amazing people like Mr Vile, Cinnamon, Leo, Lizzy, SicilianSiren, so many others who I’ve come to care so much about, ms. Luna who I am indebted to. *giggles while blushing* Who understand and know exactly where I come from and where I want to be and to go to. I agree with Cinnamon ❤ the little support group is amazing I love You all (glitter and sparkle hugs dashed with pixie dust and rainbows) and the best part is, places like wordpress or fetlife, they are just perfect for letting go of all the crazy outside vanilla world. It's where people like me and hopefully You can release and enjoy in this wonderful new experience of love, friendship, growth, and sex. I hope we get to hear more from You soon 🙂 *hugs*


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