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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 22

Day 22 – 22. 7 things about you people don’t really expect or would be surprised to know about you.

Ok here’s another 1 that will involve some thinking so *laughs* hopefully it won’t be too bad.

1. I am in love with Taco Bell’s hasbrowns for breakfast.  I mean their AM grilled tacos are good but the hasbrowns…*drools*

2. I like to get on WoW sometimes & me & my kid will see who can kill themselves the best…or attack the opposing faction in just a dress or something with no armor on at all…just cause we can.

3. I am a huge boyband fan…really really big. *laughs* Have been for almost as long as I can remember.

4. I eat ketchup & only ketchup on my fish sandwiches from fast food places.

5. I was going to marry Harrison Ford when I grew up when I was a kid.

6. I eat chicken & noodles almost every single week during the school year

7. I’m totally in love with a completely fictional character & have been for years.

Sorry this was late but this was 1 of the hardest things I had to do believe it or not. *laughs*


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