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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 12

And here’s today entry.

Day 12 – 12. Things you want to say to an ex.

Right now…more than anything…I want to say how dare you.  How dare you throw a fit & drag me thru a divorce for this child that you insisted we create…then the first time things get rough you desert him…running with you tail between your legs…never to even give him a second thought or a moment’s consideration again.  Especially since while I was pregnant you told me time & time again that you didn’t give a damn what happened to me cause all I was good for was an incubator for the baby.  You even tried to take him away from me completely during the divorce then didn’t bother to show up at the trial because you knew you didn’t have a leg to stand on.  Only see him 10 times if that over the next 4 months & decide that spending time with your girlfriend is more important than seeing your own child.  Not knowing what to tell him because I know the reason you left is I wasn’t the doormat you thought I was so I was everything you didn’t want.  Forcing me when he’s older & asks why his daddy isn’t here to just look at him & tell him I don’t know why…I’m not his father so I can’t answer that for him.  To have to reassure him that he didn’t leave because he didn’t love you…that you left because you didn’t love me…& not knowing what to say when he asks why you never see him if you love him like I say you do.  This child doesn’t deserve anything he’s gotten & the only thing I ever want to say to you is how dare you treat this child like this because it’s not his fault…it’s yours…so be a man & own up to it & spare this kid some misery in his life.



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