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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 11

And since I ended up going to bed early last night…here’s yesterdays & I will do today’s later this afternoon.  *laughs* And sorry about the lameness but this is what you get first thing in the morning.

Day 11 – 11. Post a bit of your last IM conversation.

[8:13:36 AM] Arial: Good morning
[8:19:00 AM] Me: morning sorry was dealing with kittycats on sl
[8:19:08 AM] Arial: lol np
[8:19:29 AM] Me: & now gotta go get breakfast so LOL be back in 20 minutes or so i hope
[8:19:38 AM] Arial: kk
[8:51:12 AM] Me: k i finally here again
[8:51:17 AM] Arial: welcome back
[8:51:22 AM] Arial: i’m arguing with R
[8:51:28 AM] Me: lol sorry
[9:02:45 AM] Arial: i’m making my studio just a little smaller because 160 prims was too much lol. but now that I know what I am doing it shouldn’t take 4 days lol
[9:02:55 AM] Arial: and then I plan to build your house lol
[9:02:58 AM] Me: lol yays

And that’s all folks! *laughs*


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