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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 8

This 1 is a bit of a trick question so…*laughs* gonna answer it the best way that I can.

Day 8 – 8. Your celebrity crush of the moment

Well…after much thinking & debating…there is just no way possible for me to come up with just 1.  So I’ll do the main ones, plus 2 new ones I don’t expect to last long but…they’re here for the moment.

Ok…the new guys on the block…are Derek Hough & Torrance Coombs. (from Dancing with the Stars & Reign)  Don’t know what the fascination is with either but they’re just too freaking cute.

Then for the old guys on the block *laughs* Eric Szmanda (CSI),  Karl Urban (Almost Human, LOTR movies), Kendall Schmidt (Big Time Rush), Kian Egan (former Westlife), & Lucas Bryant (Haven) tho actually Lucas Bryant is the newest one.  The other guys….have been around for years so I don’t see them going away any time soon.


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