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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it & Happy Sunday to everyone else!

Day 6. 5 Things within touching distance right now.

I’m gonna go with the closest things & I’m actually gonna do 5 for each hand lol

With my right hand the closest is my headset, then my bottle of Caffeine Free Diet Coke, then 2 candles stacked on top of each other, the cup of pens & pencils I keep on my desk (actually an old burn out candle not a cup), & the pile of napkins I keep on the desk instead of kleenex. *laughs*

Then for my left hand there is my cell phone, my mouse & mouse pad, the lid to my soda, a can of Cream of Mushroom soup for the hashbrown casserole I’m making later, & the plastic fork I use to get my oldest cat’s cat food out of the can for him since he has to eat on my desk so my middle cat can’t eat all his food out from under him.

May not’ve been exciting but *laughs* I’m pretty sure a few of them aren’t exactly commonplace, either.  So hope you all have a happy day & thanks for reading as always!


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