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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5

Here’s Day number 5…thanks for reading everyone who has!  5. 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex

Ok…let’s see if I can do.

1 & 2. Mine who say or pretend their dominants just for the naughty parts or sex, & the women who let them get away with it because they’re too nice or unsure to call them on it.

3. Men who do a Jekyll & Hyde…as soon as they think they have you sucked in they turn from this nice, honest, wanting to get to know you person to some bossy, dictator who expects you to do everything they want without taking any time to know if that’s what the both of you want or not.

4. Men who tell a woman she’s not a submissive just because she’s not a doormat or an easy lay.

5. How judgmental some women can be…usually because they’re afraid & insecure but still doesn’t mean that they have to knock other people down just to make themselves feel better.

I know these are generalizations & all but…they are things that annoy me or irritate me or flat piss me off about 1 sex or the other.


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