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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

And here’s day 3 – 3. Do you have a happy place & if so what/where is it?

I actually have a couple of them since 1 works some of the time & the other works some of the time but neither of them works all of the time.  The first is of me & a semi-fictional character I have been in love with for more years than I can remember almost, in our swimwear during late afternoon, cuddled up together (yes with kissing & some groping too but not too much since we’re still dressed & in public) just barely above the water line, enjoying the waves coming up & just barely hitting our feet.  For a long while, this thought was all I needed but lately life has been getting more frustrating since I can’t eat my stress & upset away, so I found another 1 that works for the really hard stuff.  It’s loosely based on a combination of scenes from stories my best friend & I have written, so it’s a little different every time, but it involves the same semi-fictional character…tho not the same 1 as in the first happy place…& usually just a minute or 2 of running whichever version it is that day thru my head…I can face whatever’s got me in such a fit to begin with.  He’s a very dominant type personality so it always helps me kind of shake myself & forces me to look at things from another perspective so it’s good for knocking some sense into me or me out of a fit, while the other 1 is better at calming or soothing me.  So I have 1 for both occasions & thankfully I’ve not found anything yet that 1 of the 2 can’t help with…at least a bit.  May not be everyone’s thing but for me…it definitely helps.


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