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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2

Today’s question: 2. How have you changed in the past 2 years?

Wow…that could take pages to sum up but I think I’ll try to keep it as simple as I can.  *laughs* Save everyone a bit of strain on their eyes.  And I think I’ll separate it into parts to make it easier for me to not repeat anything.

Well I ended up going back onto Secondlife after swearing up & down I wasn’t going to do it because of all the heartache & problems I had that caused me to leave in the first place.  But, my best friend convinced me to get on & play Greedy with her, so I did.  And this 1 evening not long after I came back, she was off with a friend of hers so I decided to take 1 of my alts exploring & playing with RLV & traps & went to this place that sounded good.  Realized after I got there that I’d actually been there with another friend a week or 2 before, so decided to explore a bit.  Ended up getting greeted then IMed by this man & I still to this day don’t know how or why but…that was the first time I could ever remember feeling like I wanted to get down on my knees & please him any way possible…& that after only a few minutes of chat.  After that night, I did some online research & realized that instead of being dominant like I’d assumed I was my whole life, with a certain few men I was the complete opposite…& very submissive.  Which I’ll admit did explain why the few times I had tried to play Domme, I had sucked so badly at it.  I’ve met a few people since & have talked to them & they’ve helped reinforce my thoughts there….that I am submissive at the very least & maybe even a type of baby girl…tho that still remains to be seen.

I have also managed to lose weight after being diagnosed with extreme high blood pressure & edema…so even tho I have to wear compression stockings for the rest of my life I have also lost almost 30 lbs & have managed to keep it off for 4 months…which is still better than gaining it back. It’s also had an interesting side effect because my picky child has been willing to eat foods he’s never been willing to try before because he knows how much trouble I’m having & that I’m having to redo my eating so I can lose the weight & feel better & not be sick…& he’s old enough to see the difference between now & then & know it’s because of the weight & be willing to try things just to make it easier on me.  So I’ve been trying quite a few new things with my kid’s support which is always an awesome thing.

Also thanks to my kid, I have started raiding in WoW.  I never ever could’ve imagined me doing it before this expansion, even tho I did say that if Garrosh was the final boss I’d learn how to raid just to kill him. *laughs*.  Instead, I’ve been playing alot with my kid & he has been willing to hold my hand & coach me thru heroic dungeons, help me kill stuff on Timeless Isle, & help me thru the fights in the raids the first time so I wasn’t a total idiot & get myself killed on the first try.  He’s even gone so far as to point out I’m his mom in groups if they give me crap so at least I know I’m not a total embarrassment.  And playing on there with him I have made a huge improvement in my playing.  I was even able to beat him at a fair duel a few times which I never would’ve imagined that happening since I suck at PVP & in my opinion he’s really good at it…till he get frustrated at least.  So thanks to him, I’m doing so much better at WoW than I ever would’ve guessed before this expansion came out & have only got to beat Garrosh himself so something for me to look forward to.

I know there’s more but those are probably the biggest changes.  Thanks for listening as always everyone!


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