30 Day Blog Challenge Day 15

Today’s topic

Day 15 – 15. 3 things you are proud of about your personality.

1. My optimistic side since even when I don’t want to I see the bright side more often than not.
2. My sense of humor. It might be a bit off the beaten path but it’s all mine. *laughs*
3. I will stick by my friends & people I care about until they back me in a corner & force me to against my normal ways & either fight them or get rid of them.


30 Day Blog Challenge Day 14

This will be short but as of right now…it’s an easy thing to answer.

Day 14 – 14. The best things to happen to you this week.

Best things to happen to me this week…all happened today.  Went to the movies & out to eat with my best friend & got to watch Chris Evans on the movie screen in his Captain America suit…can things get any better? *grins*

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 13 & 100th post

Well according to WordPress this is my 100th post so…thank you goes out to everyone who has been along for the ride & joined it along the way.  Plus a big thank you to the first few people who followed me & have shared their story with me as well thru comments or just their own amazing blogs.  So thanks to Cinnamon (Formerly Phoenixasubbie), loneyheart, Ethan, plus my Former Master, my best friend as well as the woman I’ve been friends with for almost as long as my best friend, & my sister.  You’ve all been here almost since the beginning & I want to thank you for everything…as well as everyone else who has commented over the last year & a half.  I know I sometimes suck at responding & for that I apologize…it’s something I’m working on so don’t feel shy about leaving any & I’ll do my best to get back to them if I can!

And now to get on to today’s blog challenge which is going to be hard to write for me given the material.  And I plan on putting a picture of each, in order of how I talked about them, at the end of the post.

Day 13 – 13. Tell us about your pets.

I’m going to start off with my first pet…a cat named Little Bit.  I got her right after I turned 8 years old, & had her until Nov of 1997 when we had to put her to sleep due to kidney failure.  I had wanted a cat for years since we had dogs, & my mom finally let me take 1 from a friend of mine’s cat’s litter.  And of course me being me, I got the smallest shyest 1 because that’s what I was…still am at least when it comes to being shy. *laughs*  But that cat was my cat & mine alone because she hated everyone else…& was a true cat & treated me more like her servant than her owner.  She was my baby & I will never forget her or her brain fried self…since she electrocuted herself at 3 yrs old & was loopy the next 14 years *laughs*

Next off was Duncan…who is probably going to get the biggest part of this…is my next cat.  I got him from a boyfriend back in 1995 when we were practically living together, & he brought him to me to keep not long after we broke up because his current girlfriend was torturing the poor cat & he didn’t want anything to happen to him.  And that little bitty cat grew up to be a 12 lb monster by the time it was all said & done.  And again…he was my baby.  He would tolerate other people but he was a momma’s boy & still is till this day.  He went thru kidney failure at 8 & almost died, & was given another 3-5 years to live.  Now…11 years later (He turned 19 on St. Patrick’s Day)…he has lost most of his teeth & has gone almost completely blind…but since we’ve switched him to canned cat food he’s gained a pound & looks better than he has in almost a year.  He’s come so close to dying so many times…I’m just glad he’s made it thru each & every one of them.

Now onto Nicky.  I came out of work 1 night back in late October 1997, & found this little bitty kitten huddling on the concrete between the pharmacy I worked out & the grocery store next door.  Someone coming out of the store saw me kneeling down to pet her & said they’d been in there an hour & it didn’t look like she’d moved.  Well me being me, I wrapped her up in a towel I had in the car & snuck her home.  My mom had died just a few months before & I think that’s why my Dad let me get away with keeping her.  When I got married a few months later, she adopted my now ex-husband…until he started behaving the way that ended our marriage.  So by the time he actually left, she was ok without him.  Especially since our son had been born 10 days before he left, & she just ended up adopting him.  And to this day that is his cat…no doubts about it.  My kid may annoy the crap out of her but she sleeps with him every single night, & sits in the chair with him a good part of the day when he’s at home.  And on Thursday, she’ll turn 17 so she’s done a good job at that too.

Lastly is Sammy…just cause she’s the youngest since she won’t be 5 till August.  She was the kitten in the last litter that this stray cat that lived outside our trailer had before she mysteriously died.  We had taken care of her mother before her & then her & her brother & sister, so it was only natural I liked the batch of kittens Sammy came with.  Tho in the beginning she was Dingleberry Jr…since her dad’s name was Dingleberry cause he had long fur & occasionally made a mess of things in the potty bush. *laughs*  Anyway…my sister had come down for the weekend to see me & saw them & insisted she had to have 1.  So when they were old enough, she came down & got DJ…as she was called them.  What none of us were expecting at that time was for us to move & my sister to move down here & move in with us…bringing both of her cats with us.  She ended up staying here for close to 2 years, but then she moved with a guy she knew out of state, & left Sammy with us…claiming she liked us better than she did her.  And by then…she was Sammy…Samantha Dean…named after a couple of our favorite TV characters.  Which is how I ended up with 3 cats when I’d not planned on getting another for a few years…till both of my cats were older or died…since I know from long experience that they seem to do better in pairs.  My cats weren’t thrilled but since she’s finally mellowing out a bit, we all get along just fine.

And that…is the story of my pets.  Below is Little Bit, Duncan, Nicky, & Sammy…in that order.  They are my babies just as much as my kid is…& I’m forever grateful for having them in my life & being able to be a part of theirs & hopefully have made it better for them.  Thanks again for everything everyone & happy 100th post to me! *laughs*






30 Day Blog Challenge Day 12

And here’s today entry.

Day 12 – 12. Things you want to say to an ex.

Right now…more than anything…I want to say how dare you.  How dare you throw a fit & drag me thru a divorce for this child that you insisted we create…then the first time things get rough you desert him…running with you tail between your legs…never to even give him a second thought or a moment’s consideration again.  Especially since while I was pregnant you told me time & time again that you didn’t give a damn what happened to me cause all I was good for was an incubator for the baby.  You even tried to take him away from me completely during the divorce then didn’t bother to show up at the trial because you knew you didn’t have a leg to stand on.  Only see him 10 times if that over the next 4 months & decide that spending time with your girlfriend is more important than seeing your own child.  Not knowing what to tell him because I know the reason you left is I wasn’t the doormat you thought I was so I was everything you didn’t want.  Forcing me when he’s older & asks why his daddy isn’t here to just look at him & tell him I don’t know why…I’m not his father so I can’t answer that for him.  To have to reassure him that he didn’t leave because he didn’t love you…that you left because you didn’t love me…& not knowing what to say when he asks why you never see him if you love him like I say you do.  This child doesn’t deserve anything he’s gotten & the only thing I ever want to say to you is how dare you treat this child like this because it’s not his fault…it’s yours…so be a man & own up to it & spare this kid some misery in his life.



30 Day Blog Challenge Day 11

And since I ended up going to bed early last night…here’s yesterdays & I will do today’s later this afternoon.  *laughs* And sorry about the lameness but this is what you get first thing in the morning.

Day 11 – 11. Post a bit of your last IM conversation.

[8:13:36 AM] Arial: Good morning
[8:19:00 AM] Me: morning sorry was dealing with kittycats on sl
[8:19:08 AM] Arial: lol np
[8:19:29 AM] Me: & now gotta go get breakfast so LOL be back in 20 minutes or so i hope
[8:19:38 AM] Arial: kk
[8:51:12 AM] Me: k i finally here again
[8:51:17 AM] Arial: welcome back
[8:51:22 AM] Arial: i’m arguing with R
[8:51:28 AM] Me: lol sorry
[9:02:45 AM] Arial: i’m making my studio just a little smaller because 160 prims was too much lol. but now that I know what I am doing it shouldn’t take 4 days lol
[9:02:55 AM] Arial: and then I plan to build your house lol
[9:02:58 AM] Me: lol yays

And that’s all folks! *laughs*


30 Day Blog Challenge Day 10

And here’s Day 10…hopefully…since it’s storming here & I hope I can get it done in time LOL.

Day 10 – 10. A date you would love to go on.

I’ve thought about this alot since I saw it coming up & I still have no better of an idea as to what date I’d love to go on than I had when I first saw it in the list.  I guess…I can name some things I’d love to do because none of them would be a whole date I wouldn’t think but they’re things I’d love to do with my significant other once I find 1. *laughs*

I’d like to go to the zoo, go to a big aquarium, have a short horseback ride then a nice little picnic, a nice late night stroll on a beach & then a little beachside dessert picnic, even just watching a movie or something together at home with popcorn would be awesome as well.  For me it’s more the person than what we do or where we go so…I think this is the best that I can do at the moment. *smiles*


30 Day Blog Challenge Day 9

It might be a little late but real life got in my way so am doing it nice & early today & will do today’s later on after work. *smiles*

Day 9 – 9. Something disgusting you do.

Well…the most obvious disgusting thing I do…at least most people think it’s at least rude if not disgusting…is I belch…alot…usually in competition with my teenage son.  I figure, I’ve been working on doing it good since I was his age, it doesn’t embarrass him either, so why worry about it?  True I do use my manners & don’t let loose in public…well…not usually…especially if there’s lots of people around…but when we’re either at home or it’s just us…all bets are off. *laughs*


30 Day Blog Challenge Day 8

This 1 is a bit of a trick question so…*laughs* gonna answer it the best way that I can.

Day 8 – 8. Your celebrity crush of the moment

Well…after much thinking & debating…there is just no way possible for me to come up with just 1.  So I’ll do the main ones, plus 2 new ones I don’t expect to last long but…they’re here for the moment.

Ok…the new guys on the block…are Derek Hough & Torrance Coombs. (from Dancing with the Stars & Reign)  Don’t know what the fascination is with either but they’re just too freaking cute.

Then for the old guys on the block *laughs* Eric Szmanda (CSI),  Karl Urban (Almost Human, LOTR movies), Kendall Schmidt (Big Time Rush), Kian Egan (former Westlife), & Lucas Bryant (Haven) tho actually Lucas Bryant is the newest one.  The other guys….have been around for years so I don’t see them going away any time soon.


30 Day Blog Challenge Day 7

Woohoo made it this long even if today’s will be short & sweet cause well…it’s been that kind of day. *chuckles*

Day 7 – 7. Something you’re currently worrying about.

There’s 2 things…losing weight, & my kid passing school.  Those are the 2 big things & I think I’ve talked about both on here so…only time will tell on either of them if my worrying has been justified or not.


30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it & Happy Sunday to everyone else!

Day 6. 5 Things within touching distance right now.

I’m gonna go with the closest things & I’m actually gonna do 5 for each hand lol

With my right hand the closest is my headset, then my bottle of Caffeine Free Diet Coke, then 2 candles stacked on top of each other, the cup of pens & pencils I keep on my desk (actually an old burn out candle not a cup), & the pile of napkins I keep on the desk instead of kleenex. *laughs*

Then for my left hand there is my cell phone, my mouse & mouse pad, the lid to my soda, a can of Cream of Mushroom soup for the hashbrown casserole I’m making later, & the plastic fork I use to get my oldest cat’s cat food out of the can for him since he has to eat on my desk so my middle cat can’t eat all his food out from under him.

May not’ve been exciting but *laughs* I’m pretty sure a few of them aren’t exactly commonplace, either.  So hope you all have a happy day & thanks for reading as always!