TMI Tuesday & sorry so long

I apologize to everyone…real life & my own head have had me kind of kidnapped so haven’t been on here much.  Hopefully that’ll change soon & thanks to everyone who has stuck by me! *smiles*  Now on to the TMI!



Wouldn’t life be more interesting if it was punctuated by background music in certain situations? Yes of course it would!

Below I have given you the situation, you name the background music that should play. Have fun, it’s the soundtrack of your life.

1. When you wake up in the morning.   What the Hell by Avril Lavigne cause that’s usually how I feel *laughs*

2. When you climax during sex.    Mz Hyde by Halestorm *laughs*

3. When you urinate.   Twinkle Twinkle little Star cause my mom used to sing Tinkle Tinkle little star when she went to the bathroom…or I’ve gotta go pee…sung to I’ve gotta be me. lol

4. When you walk into your home after a long day of work.    I Wanna Be Sedated by The Offspring *laughs*

5. When you take the first sip of your favorite beverage.    The old Coca Cola theme since it’s Caffeine Free Diet Coke…close enough for me *laughs*

Bonus: When you are reprimanding your kids or yelling at your significant other.  These Boots are Made for Walking by Geri Halliwell *laughs*

Bonus, Bonus: When you are having sexual relations.  I Wanna Touch You There by Sarah Connor

And there we go for the week…thanks again to everyone!