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The last few days

The last few days have actually turned out to be pretty good…at least from my point of view.  Well ok today sucked but…the few days before have gone pretty well.  Over the weekend I admittedly played alot of WoW.  But I did finally got the mail helm from the Timeless Isle I needed to use my Burden of Eternity on & now my main has a 535 ilevel so I’m a happy camper.  Plus the other character I’ve been working on alot, my shadow priest, well I leveled her up 8 levels in about 4 days.  I also decided to go & heal a few dungeons…even tho I hadn’t healed since I was a level 30. *laughs*  Much to my surprise, after my kid filled in the spells I’d gotten since then, I ended up doing quite well.  To my surprise, me & 2 other DPS ended up 3 manning Gun’drak after our tank & healer left.  I went healer & the 2 of them tanked & we did all but the very first boss with just the 3 of us…& no deaths.  And we were level 74-77 so we were all right on level.  Needless to say that made my day in so many ways.



Then I got to get the holiday kitties on SecondLife & even had enough money to get a matching pair of 1 of the types for my best friend.  And I got to spend quite a bit of time with my former Master on there…something I’ve not gotten to do in forever, & am glad I did because I needed that right then.  More than even I realized till afterwards.  Plus, I moved plots on there & like the new 1 so much better because *laughs* now my KittyCats don’t hide in the grass anymore.

I’ve also now lost over 30 lbs on my diet so that was a good thing too.  We were out of school a few days last week because of the snow & ice but me & my kid just did our own things…playing some together on WoW & generally laughing at each other when we weren’t.  So all in all…the last few days…until today…have been better than things have been in a while…which I am most definitely thankful for.




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