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TMI Tuesday

Here’s the last 1 for 2013…Enjoy!

1. Did you make New Year’s Resolutions last year? Which ones did you keep? Are you better for it?  No I didn’t make any because I never seem to be able to keep them & it just frustrates me so I figured why set myself up for frustration & just do it day by day instead?  And seems to’ve worked out good for me. *chuckles*

2. What was your favorite TMI Tuesday list of questions from 2013? Why? (Give date and title)  Have to be Eat it from November 5.  *laughs* I only discovered TMI Tuesday in October so I don’t have alot of them to choose from.

3. What sexy/sexual things do you hope to experience in 2014–toys, acts, people, events, etc?  Just to feel sexier would be the best thing I can think of.

4. This time of year is filled with “Top Lists” and “Best of Lists”. Let’s make a list. What were your Top 3 best sexual experiences in 2013? Go into as little or as much detail as you would like.  Valentine’s Day was awesome just because I was with someone this year which was new, last New Year’s was a good night as well, & there was this incident in SL at a ranch…hahahaha

5. What are your hopes, dreams for 2014?  To continue to lose weight, Kill Garrosh or at least beat the snot out of him, to meet more interesting people, & to keep in touch with all the people I met this year I don’t wanna lose. *smiles*

Bonus: In the coming year, let us all resolve to visit, read, and comment on at least two TMI Tuesday blog posts a week that are posted by our fellow TMI Tuesday bloggers. :-)

And now to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  Enjoy tonight however you spend it & best of luck in the New Year!


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