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My Christmas so far

So far it’s been pretty good.  Got lots of pretty kitchen stuff & yummy smelling candles so I’m not about to complain.  Will get lots of movies from Santa tomorrow so that’s a good thing too.  I have also spent entirely too much money on amazon tonight going thru & having a Christmas music downloading marathon.  It started out by watching silly cat videos on YouTube but then it kind of took on a life of its own.

Only bad part about it has included a bit of crying off & on over the night but that’s to be expected considering some of the stuff I downloaded & listened to tonight.  For the first time in…I guess ever…I’m crying over the past.  As I sit here & look at my kid…him & the way that I interact with him at times makes me think of my mom…& some of these songs don’t help either.  I don’t know really why I’m crying because there’s no pain & the acceptance came long before she actually died but it’s happening all the same.  It’s not with everyone song but enough.  I guess it’s because it’s been so many years since I’ve listened to more than the Jingle Cats & even then I skipped half the songs because I’d heard them so much growing up.  And now for some reason, sitting here singing along with them to my kid is just occasionally making me leak a bit.  Other than that & realizing just how much things can change yet still at the same time stay the same.

But to everyone…I hope you have a Merry Christmas or happy Wednesday or whatever you celebrate but most of all I hope it’s an enjoyable day filled with good memories!


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