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Yet another random post here just because *laughs*.  I have gotten horribly behind in my blogs both on my writing (as if everyone couldn’t already tell that *laughs*) & my reading but I promise I’m working on catching up.

A big part of that is because I have been spending way too much time reading old stories my best friend & I have written over the years, or else I’ve been on SecondLife either working on my Tiny Empires or shopping.  Which for me is a rare thing but boy have I been doing alot of it in the last few days.  I did play quite a bit on WoW a few days ago but just haven’t felt the urge since.  I’m sure my characters are grumbling because they’re not getting to do anything but they’ll grumble about being overworked once I’m in the mood to play alot again.

Anyway…*laughs* back to the reason I decided to post this…other than to just pop in & say hi to everybody.  I was going thru my 200+ emails/blog posts I’ve gotten behind in the last 10 days or so, & found an awesome recipe for mashed potato stuffed mushrooms.  Well I was all excited about it & I had to tell my kid about it…& in typical teenager fashion he looked at me & asked me something to the effect of…what is wrong with you mom & do we need to call an ambulance for that fit you’re having?  *laughs* I about fell over laughing at him & told him to hush & leave me to my drooly happy fit to which he just laughed & went back to playing WoW & watching Cat & Sam on Nickelodeon.  He’s definitely my kid down to the multitasking. *laughs*

If I’m not on again I hope everyone has a good holiday however you celebrate or don’t celebrate it & enjoys yourselves no matter what!


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