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*laughs* Well I was getting better

Yeah I know it’s been a few days but I’ve been spending alot more time reading old stories, playing on WoW & on SecondLife & not as much soul searching so there hasn’t been as much to write about.  But today I just had to get on here & do this.  Me, 1 of my friends, & my son were playing on WoW in a dungeon together which is always an advantage for us because me & my friend are not spectacular players & have awesome DPS…even with BOAs. *laughs* Which means if the 3 of us go in together, we don’t have to worry about being kicked for being newbz or sucky DPS & can actually do what we’re supposed to instead of having to worry about our DPS.  Well today, I had my first jerk for a healer.  I’m used to the tank being a jerk or the other DPS but usually the healer is either completely quiet or nice & patient with those of us who are less than awesome in some people’s eyes.  Not today tho.  Her & the tank left us behind, then get upset when we griped about all 3 DPS getting left behind.  It ended with the healer saying you shouldn’t be rude to the healer because then you don’t get healed, so the 3 of us ended up just taking our time since 1 of us was a shadow priest & could heal in an emergency.  Which is what ended up happening because while we were killing the mass of mobs in the room before the last boss in Blackfathom Deeps, we wiped because she let the tank die.  My kid mass rezzed us, the healer left the group then the tank left just a few seconds after…after being quiet the whole dungeon except to ask us if we could get along.  He was new & poor him got stuck in a seriously crappy mess but what can you do?  So me being a hunter I put my pet on Tenacity, & our Shadow Priest got a crash course in healing where we managed to finish clearing the trash in that room so we could open the door…& didn’t die.  So we went in…my kid sapped a few turtles to keep them out of our hair & we told the shadow priest to spam heal my pet while me & my kid DPSed the last boss down.  And we did it without even getting really close to dying.  3 on level DPS soloed that boss…with a spider pet for a tank & a shadow priest who had never healed before as the healer & a hell of a good rogue as the other DPS who ended up as tank during the last few seconds after my pet died.  It was awesome & so much fun…I’m kind of glad the other 2 left because after that…the 3 of us felt awesome.  My kid may be a bit of a jerk sometimes & mouthy but when it counts…we got it done & he doesn’t let anyone get away with stupid things which I’m proud of.

The 3 of us after we did the last boss as a DPS threesome

The 3 of us after we did the last boss as a DPS threesome

Now I’m off to spend more Lindens I don’t have in SecondLife so hope everyone’s holidays are going well so far & promise to post before Christmas!

PS – *laughs* I’ve even lost 23 lbs & lost over 5% of my starting body weight so all in all been a good few weeks & hope it’s been the same for all of you!


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