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I know I’ve not been on here as much as I’d like but you know how the real world goes.  But I wanted to get this out & posted before I had to go start cooking.  So here are some things I’m thankful for.

Everyone who reads this blog & comments.  I know alot of you are lurkers like me but just knowing you thought something I posted was interesting enough to make you want to follow this blog & read more is a great feeling.  So I thank each & every one of you for your continued support.

Secondly, I want to thank all the bloggers I read.  I know I sometimes lurk but I do try to comment & like when something really touches me or makes me laugh or sometimes just to let you know that someone else is there & cares about you & what you write.  I’m looking forward to continuing on your journeys with you & want to all thank you for letting me follow along with you thru them.

I also want to thank my online friends or just people who’ve been kind to me online over the last year.  Some great people I’ve met thru this blog, some on SecondLife, & plenty of them on WoW.  Some of you will never know what a difference it makes but believe me, it does make 1 heck of a difference.

I also want to thank the people in my real life & whatever higher force you believe in for helping me out & dealing with my whinyness & crying & frustrations about trying to lose weight & helping me thru my cat getting so sick to seeing me out the other side.  You guys deserve a bigger thanks than I can give you but what can I really say?

Thank you to my best friend for putting up with me & still trying to squeeze in at least a hi heifer how you doing even tho she’s working her butt off & having to deal with so much rl stuff right now there’s almost no time for anything else.  it means alot.

Thank you to my former Master for believing in me & helping me to be comfortable with who I am for the first time in…ever…& for helping me to find even more about me & more reasons to like me.  And for still popping in to check on me from time to time.  Even if he didn’t realize it before his patience & understanding made a huge difference in my life…for the better I think.

And lastly to my son…even tho he won’t read this he still deserves a world of thanks.  His love & patience & humor & just him has changed me more than any other person in the world & he has put up with so much & deserves so much more but he’s mine & that’s all that counts.  I hope he gets at least half of what he deserves out of life because face it…who gets everything but I can just hope & pray he gets more than enough to be happy & healthy & I hope he never has to question how important he is to me & the world.

So there we go…a big thanks from me to you & you & you…hope your day today even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving is a good 1 & thank you 1 more time for being here.


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

    • Thank you so much. As I said in my last post on the nominations list i made you were my first adultish blog & still 1 I read even when at work because I love your outlook on life & relationships & your humor. *smiles*


      • How did I miss that post…. I’ll go check but first I wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely words you just wrote here… I am touched and a little speechless that you think of me this way.
        Thank You!
        Was your Turkey day a good one?


      • *giggles* If you’re like me you just get easily sidetracked & it snuck right past you & also you’re more than welcome because every bit of it was true. And yes actually it was…everything turned out ok, played on World of Warcraft with my son for a few hours to relax *laughs* & had my dad chuckling thru the meal at us so it honestly was better than I could’ve asked for & thanks for asking. *smiles*


      • Yup, I am a lot like you… easily sidetracked is a nice way to put it. :D.
        Glad you had a great day. That’s so wonderful 🙂


    • Aww thanks. *chuckles* I decided it was a good time to stop being scared of my own shadow & letting some of my favorites know how much I like their blog seemed to be the way to do it. So again thank you so much for the drop in to say that. *grins* You’re not so bad yourself…*laughs* since I read yours from time to time as well.


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