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Just cause I can

Thought I’d hop on here for a couple of minutes just because I’ve been so quiet here lately.  Having a crap night with the diet but will live.  Have lost 14.5 lbs so far on the diet & tomorrow is my next weigh in tho honestly the way this week has been I’ll be thrilled if I’m even still even with last week & haven’t gained any of it back.  Suffering from PMS & the 4 week struggle & my best friend going to work after years of staying home because of family matters on her end & damned writer’s block so with all of the irritations & stresses I have no way of getting rid of any of them since I can’t eat or write my way out of them so has been a tough week.  I didn’t mean to ramble & bitch but I guess even I can’t be sunny all the time.  Hopefully will have a good weigh in tomorrow & a better week next week.

Thank you everyone who reads this for the support & fun chats we’ve had…it’s always a good thing & part of what’s kept me going & if there’s any way that I can repay it in any way just let me know & I’ll be glad to do what I can to do just that.


4 thoughts on “Just cause I can

  1. I’m sorry about your friend leaving. Congrats on the 14.5 loss. I’m trying to lose weight too but at my own pace. I never knew it could be so slow haha Keep up the good work.


    • She’s not actually leaving just super busy right now. And thanks of the congrats & best of luck to you too with it. I’m just kind of letting it come off just *laughs* been coming off pretty quick these first few weeks which is why I’ll be happy with less…it’s about time for it to slow down before I get too spoiled.


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