I know I’ve not been on here as much as I’d like but you know how the real world goes.  But I wanted to get this out & posted before I had to go start cooking.  So here are some things I’m thankful for.

Everyone who reads this blog & comments.  I know alot of you are lurkers like me but just knowing you thought something I posted was interesting enough to make you want to follow this blog & read more is a great feeling.  So I thank each & every one of you for your continued support.

Secondly, I want to thank all the bloggers I read.  I know I sometimes lurk but I do try to comment & like when something really touches me or makes me laugh or sometimes just to let you know that someone else is there & cares about you & what you write.  I’m looking forward to continuing on your journeys with you & want to all thank you for letting me follow along with you thru them.

I also want to thank my online friends or just people who’ve been kind to me online over the last year.  Some great people I’ve met thru this blog, some on SecondLife, & plenty of them on WoW.  Some of you will never know what a difference it makes but believe me, it does make 1 heck of a difference.

I also want to thank the people in my real life & whatever higher force you believe in for helping me out & dealing with my whinyness & crying & frustrations about trying to lose weight & helping me thru my cat getting so sick to seeing me out the other side.  You guys deserve a bigger thanks than I can give you but what can I really say?

Thank you to my best friend for putting up with me & still trying to squeeze in at least a hi heifer how you doing even tho she’s working her butt off & having to deal with so much rl stuff right now there’s almost no time for anything else.  it means alot.

Thank you to my former Master for believing in me & helping me to be comfortable with who I am for the first time in…ever…& for helping me to find even more about me & more reasons to like me.  And for still popping in to check on me from time to time.  Even if he didn’t realize it before his patience & understanding made a huge difference in my life…for the better I think.

And lastly to my son…even tho he won’t read this he still deserves a world of thanks.  His love & patience & humor & just him has changed me more than any other person in the world & he has put up with so much & deserves so much more but he’s mine & that’s all that counts.  I hope he gets at least half of what he deserves out of life because face it…who gets everything but I can just hope & pray he gets more than enough to be happy & healthy & I hope he never has to question how important he is to me & the world.

So there we go…a big thanks from me to you & you & you…hope your day today even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving is a good 1 & thank you 1 more time for being here.


My apologies & a surprising nomination (Versatile Blogger Award)

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve been on here but real life has been a complete roller coaster.  My oldest cat, my 18 yr old baby, got an abscess under his chin last week & it got out of hand almost before I had time to get him to the vet.  It was bad enough so that me & my kid were starting to mentally prepare ourselves to have to put him under.  But thankfully, it was just a simple 1 & not a tooth abscess so no dental surgery which means now, after a week of antibiotics, he seems to be doing as good as ever.  So I was concentrating on that, plus was having issues with my weight loss (tho I have managed to lose 16 lbs so far), & then work, so haven’t had alot of time to do much more than just watch TV or read & veg out the last week or 2.  Only thing I’ve done is get overexcited about the next WoW expansion & couldn’t do much with that since it won’t be released for probably close to a year. *laughs*

Imagine my surprise tho when I got a comment the other day that I’d been nominated for a Versatile Blogger’s Award by Phoenix (who by the way has her own awesome blog just follow the link in her name there).  I’ve had to put off the thank you for a few days because of RL so now…here I am…giving her a huge thank you for something I never imagined being nominated for & to nominate some of my favorite bloggers out there.  Plus give her the 7 facts about myself that go along with the nomination.  So here go those first.

  1. I have 4 babies…a now teenager & 3 cats ranging from the ages of 4 to 18.
  2. I eat chicken & noodles with my best friend every single week on the day we catch up on our favorite TV shows.
  3. I play entirely too much WoW & enjoy every single minute of it.
  4. I have turned into my mom in all the good ways & none of the bad ways…at least that I myself can tell so far.
  5. The only romance novels I have ever really loved…since normally I read lots of horror instead…are by Marlene Suson…I can’t read them enough times because they’re awesome every time I reread them.
  6. I love boybands…no matter how old I get.
  7. I have been in SecondLife for 6 years & still can’t quite get away from it because I now raise breedable kitties on there…as well as play greedy with my friends from time to time.

Ok…there’s the facts…now onto the blogs I’d like to nominate…tho in no particular order.

  1. Lots of awesome free & cheap things in SL that are of great quality & a fun way to find new stores as well.
  2. Great source of interesting food facts with a good dish of humor & down to earthness…an enjoyable & awesome blogger.
  3. 1 of the first nonWoW blogs I followed & I love every bit of it.  So funny & to the point you can’t help but giggle as you read.
  4. So much funny here…definitely 1 of my favorites.  Reminds me of myself with my WoW characters so much I can’t help but to read every post as soon as it shows up in my inbox.
  5. I love the way she writes & she has the most amazing screencaps…a great way to see WoW’s beauty & amazingness if you’ve never played the game.
  6. My introduction to WoW blogging & the first 1 I ever followed.  Still love to read every time there’s a post & I owe a big thanks for introducing me to the world of blogging. *smiles*
  7. A new blog I’m following but am thoroughly enjoying it.  Always love seeing how someone else views & plays WoW.
  8. So much fun & so informative…I love reading about her adventures in WoW & watching her amazing videos.
  9. Great recipes & does a great job at presenting them both with pictures & stories…totally enjoy reading every post.
  10. A blog I started following a few weeks ago thanks to a recipe I found on pinterest.  Love the recipes & all the do it yourself tips…some of them have been just what I needed & can’t wait to read more.
  11. Found her blog thru another blog I follow & am glad I did.  She writes about so many things that are close enough to what’s going on with me at times that I love having another point of view on things I’ve often wondered myself.  Totally love reading each & every post & love being along for the ride as she progresses thru her life.
  12. The person who nominated me & who is 1 of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the good fortune of meeting…even if it’s only virtually.  Her ability to put her feelings into words where anyone can understand them is amazing & she is 1 of the most inspiring people I’ve met in a long time because no matter what happens she picks herself up & moves on.
  13. I love her writing…her posts are always put me in a good mood & I love how she gets creative with her pictures.  Am so glad that G found this G. *grins*
  14. The first blog of the more adult variety I follow & still 1 of my favorites.  She has such a good outlook on love & life it makes me smile every time I read 1 of her posts.
  15. Last but definitely not least…I adore her & her writing.  She’s been on amazing journey & I am so glad I’ve been there for it & will be there for it in the future.

And here’s a link to the award website just in case you haven’t heard of it.


To all of you who follow my blog thank you for all the support & here’s to more adventures together in the future!

Just cause I can

Thought I’d hop on here for a couple of minutes just because I’ve been so quiet here lately.  Having a crap night with the diet but will live.  Have lost 14.5 lbs so far on the diet & tomorrow is my next weigh in tho honestly the way this week has been I’ll be thrilled if I’m even still even with last week & haven’t gained any of it back.  Suffering from PMS & the 4 week struggle & my best friend going to work after years of staying home because of family matters on her end & damned writer’s block so with all of the irritations & stresses I have no way of getting rid of any of them since I can’t eat or write my way out of them so has been a tough week.  I didn’t mean to ramble & bitch but I guess even I can’t be sunny all the time.  Hopefully will have a good weigh in tomorrow & a better week next week.

Thank you everyone who reads this for the support & fun chats we’ve had…it’s always a good thing & part of what’s kept me going & if there’s any way that I can repay it in any way just let me know & I’ll be glad to do what I can to do just that.


TMI Tuesday: Nov 5


pork brains

1. If your sandwich is cut in half on the diagonal, creating two triangles do you bite the hypotenuse or the point?

I start at 1 point, then eat all the crust on that side then get to work on the middle part of the sandwich.  *laughs* Comes from sharing them with my son when he was little & he only liked the middle part so I’d eat the crust off for him.

2. Dipping a tortilla chip– do you dip the tip or the side of the chip to scoop the dip?

The tip because otherwise they always seem to break on me.

3. Do you think you drink too much coffee? How much do you drink daily? What is a “cup” of coffee to you–how many ounces/grams?

I don’t drink coffee so not an issue for me yays!

4. Do you take cream in your tea? How many sugars?

Don’t drink tea either *laughs*

5. How do you eat a burrito?
a. Pick it up with your hands, bite into an end.
b. Cut it in half, then pick up one half and eat it.
c. Eat it with a fork and knife
d. Open the tortilla, eat the food inside and eat the tortilla last.
e. Other

Part a, part other.  I bite the end but have to bite it so it’s an even line when I’m done. *laughs* No crooked burrito lines for me.

6. Pizza…How do you eat a slice?
a. Pick it up and eat it as an open slice.
b. Pick it up and fold it together, then bite into it.
c. Leave it on the plate and eat with a fork and knife.
e. I eat the crust first, then the rest of the slice.

…Why do you eat your pizza like that?

A & because that’s just how I’ve always eaten it.

What is the weirdest thing that you are into?

I love peanut butter & bologna/lunch meat sandwiches, & I like to mix corn, peas, carrots, & cheese into my mashed potatoes but can’t think of anything too weird.

Bonus, bonus:
Do you care if your different foods, on a plate, touch each other? Yes!?! What’s that all about?

If they’re not wet I can handle it but no…1 food’s juice or gravy cannot touch another food unless I mix them up myself. *laughs* Gotta love OCD.