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TMI Tuesday

Potpourri of Questions

potpourri questions_tmi

1. You’ve been waiting forever for your significant other to propose marriage, when they finally do it is in the form of a bribe: “Lose 10-15 lbs. (approx. 1 stone U.K.; approx. 6 kilos) and I will marry you…the wedding can be anyway, and anywhere of your choosing…just lose some weight.”

Would you accept this proposal?

(Alternatively for the traditionalists): Men if your significant other was a little ‘heavier’ than you’d like him/her to be, would you make such a proposal?

Not unless they were gonna lose the same amount of weight as me just so they can see how it feels.

2. Are you participating in any Halloween festivities? Will you wear a costume? If yes, what?

Nope.  If I go anywhere on Halloween it’ll have to be as my scary self *laughs*

3. Forget the fact that you have a blog, in real-life are you:

a. an over-sharer who tells every detail of your personal life to everyone including the barista at Starbucks?

b. a little discriminating in who you decide to talk to about your personal life, feelings, etc.? Your love life isn’t off limits to friends and family but you don’t confide in total strangers.

c. as tight as a clam? You don’t share important details with friends and family and when you do it about kills you because you are extremely private.

i’m closest to A tho it’s only with people I know…not just complete strangers cause honestly…I’m petrified of strangers & people but I am very well aware of the fact that I overshare…alot. *laughs*  But if someone talks to me first…*giggles* all I can do is apologize about the oversharingness that is me.

4. MEN your significant other has asked to sleep with your cock in his/her mouth, what are your first thoughts? Would you say yes or no? Why?

LADIES/significant other…your guy just asked you to sleep with his penis in your mouth. Would you do it? Why or why not?

Definitely not because I tend to grind my teeth in my sleep so no…i’d do him the favor of saving it & tell him I couldn’t, tho I would definitely explain why not.

Bonus: If you were remembered for one thing, what would it be?

This 1 really made me think but I’m gonna have to say I’d want to be known…even if only to my kid…as great mom…1 he’d been lucky to have…because that would mean I’ve done my job as a parent well & what more can a parent ask for?


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