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So far

Well have made it thru the 2nd weekend of my diet/new way of looking at food/whatever you want to call it *laughs* & have actually done better than I have been.  It’s actually been mostly pleasant.  Especially considering just a few minutes ago I got a good tickle, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I baked blueberry muffins to use as breakfasts or desserts this week & I had 1 & *laughs* definitely enjoyed it so my kid went & told me that I could have another 1 & just go over on my diet a little…because I deserved it. *snorts* Not sure I should take that as I’ve done that good or he’s trying to make up for something.  But I’ve at least made an impression 1 way or another so I’m gonna take it as a positive sign.  *chuckles* Random I know but something I’d like to have down to look back on later when he’s an adult.


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