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The beginning

As I’ve said on here a few times off & on I’ve been needing or trying to lose weight for quite some time now.  Friday, I decided to do it & joined Weight Watchers online.  It gives me a daily goal…to stay in my points goal for each day…so I have a little goal to meet & beat each day, then it celebrates in 20 pound increments, which is small enough to make me feel like I did something.  Plus it figures out all the food’s points for you so you don’t have to micromanage as it does it for you.  I don’t know if I’ve lost any but it has been easy enough to follow that I’m still on it 3 days later…during an extra long weekend at that.

Plus, I think I finally found myself a motivator to lose the weight.  All the normal ones are fail with me because I pretty much buy a DVD or CD when I want it, hate spa days, go to the movies about once a month anyway, hate shopping & only buy new clothes when I have to, don’t need alone time…well…you get the idea.  So…since on SecondLife pretty much all I do now is play Tiny Empires & breed kitties…I figured out my perfect motivator.


These breedable kitties never die, unless you send them to the website’s version of the kitty retirement home, so you have to feed them forever.  Unless…you turn them into a Permapet.  Problem is, that’s an expensive proposition.  So…I’m gonna ask my dad…since he’s doing what he can to help, if he’ll give me $20 for every 20 pounds, & I use that money to Permapet the kitties I don’t wanna give away even to the retirement home.  That there…sadly enough…is a good enough motivator I think to do it…other than the fact that I just want to physically feel better.  The proverbial carrot on the stick for me.  True, I need to lose about 80 pounds total for all the cats *laughs* but by then I can come up with another motivator & will be in a better state of mind & feeling much better physically so it’ll be a whole new can of worms.

I know this was short but I didn’t want to be too quiet for too long & thought that maybe if I posted something it’d help motivate me a bit.  But right now, my son is on the laptop “typing” as fast as me because he’s bored & waiting on me to play WoW with him so will post more in the next day or so.  Thanks everyone!


3 thoughts on “The beginning

      • It’s crazy, but since my surgery I had stopped taking my pain meds and was just dealing with the pain.

        A friend recommended Tramadol, or Ultram, which is a synthetic opiate of some sort. She said her husband lost thirty pounds on it, because it suppresses appetite too. I asked my doctor for it, and he gave it to me. It does! Although it makes me sleepy too

        Anyway, short term but maybe I’ll see some benefit of it


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