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It’s been a while…& possible new direction

I know I have  sucked at updating on here but rl has had me so tightly by the short & curlies that it’s almost impossible to have enough time to think of something to put on here.  Plus, am very disheartened at my search for a more submissive me & when I’m frustrated or disgusted I tend to live in my head alot so that’s another reason I’ve not had much to say either.  And I’ve come to a decision.  When I first made this blog, it was purely for my exploration of my submissive side.  But since that part of me is on hold right now for various reasons, I’m faced with the choice of going on a hiatus, or changing things up a bit & making it more mainstream…at least for the time being.  As I have said a time or 2 on here I have been trying to lose weight…due to some extreme health issues.  And until I can do that, everything else is going to have to be put on hold.  So for a while at least, this blog is probably going to end up being more a sounding board than anything else.  There will still be some submissive discussion when there’s call for it but I’m not going to try & force myself to only write about that since my health is more front & center right now than it is.  I hope you all stay with me thru this since you’ve stayed with me thru this half assed hiatus I’ve been on but if you feel the need to not follow me anymore because of the subject change for now, all I can say is bless you for your time & attention up to this point & I wish you the best on your own journey thru life.  This is mine & I have to do what I can to sort myself out thru it.  *huggies* to everyone & thank you for all your support thru it all!


4 thoughts on “It’s been a while…& possible new direction

  1. all of our blogs morph as we change. Life is fluid and for most of us this is a place to discover who we are and to share all of those ever changing emotions. Best of luck to you my dear. The weight is a struggle but you will beat it. We all do when the time comes and we really make up our minds. The D/s part of life seems to shift too, and that’s ok. We all find our balance in it. Some need more others of us need less. But what we need is love and acceptance for who we are in the here and now.


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